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DJ Phenix
DJ Phenix is a Brooklyn based producer whose emphasis is definitely on beats and funk. His real name is Andre Estrada and he adopted the alias DJ Phenix in 1990. Estrada's other releases include “ Revelations ”, “ Bomb EP ” and “ Phenix Revelations EP ”. As a DJ, Phenix, is a resident at New York's True as well as spinning at salsa parties.

Originally, “ Do U Luv Me? “ was a track on Phenix's “ Revelations ” LP. The threat that the album was not going to be released spurred Phenix into seeking helping in distributing his work. The CEO of Netmix.com helped Phenix press a run of white labels, with “ Do U Luv Me? “ on one side and a Junior Vasquez mix of “ Vinyl & Polyester “ on the flip side. Simon Dunmore discovered Phenix at the 1999 Amsterdam Music Event and asked Phenix about the white label. Phenix took advice from Netmix's CEO and licensed the track to Defected, ahead of Jose Nuñez's Bombassa label.

Official site: djphenix.com.

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