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Bob Sinclar
Bob Sinclar is a character invented by Christopher Le Friant, a DJ and producer who begun Yellow Productions along with Alain Ho. Christopher is head of the Mighty Bop project, the company behind both of Bob Sinclar's albums, which are “ Paradise ” (1998) and “ Champs Elysées ” (2000). Chris lives in La Marais, the gay quarter of Paris , the city in which he learnt to ply his trade as a funk, rap and French hip-hop DJ in 1986, when he was eighteen.

Various magazine articles and “ I Feel For You ”'s video show Bob Sinclar as a womaniser, of whom all men are jealous and with whom all women would like to be. Supposedly owning a penthouse suite and a luxurious recording studio, Bob is a man of wealth, style and finesse. Chris 'Le French Kiss' got the name 'Bob Sinclar' from a French spy movie and he has adopted, to a certain extent, the attitude portrayed by the character in the film.

Official site: bobsinclar.com.

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