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Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear is the artist name of a group of experienced producers. Swiss DJ Dario Mancini, or Djaimin' as he is better known, leads the project. David ? is a second producer who has an equally elusive career while Alessandra Vonlathen is responsible for the vocals on “ Crystal Clear ” and the less-recognised “ Gypsy Love ”. Tony Humphries, the legendary US DJ, co-produced this single.

Djamin' has squirmed his music in the DJ boxes of many a renouned DJ and his releases have been pressed by the likes of the Strictly Rhythm and Deconstruction labels. With an MC in tow, Djaimin' featured as the Black White Brothers in Switzerland where they had a radio show. The Black White Brothers partnership put “ Pump It Up ” and “ Put Your Hands Up ” on the scene.

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