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68 Beats / Muzik Junkies
68 Beats and Muzik Junkies are two nom de plumes of prolific American producer Robbie Rivera. These two artist names mark his first release for the Defected family although he remixed Soulsearcher's first single for Defected a few years back. Robbie Rivera is Puerto Rican but moved to Miami as a teenager to gain qualifications in music technology and business studies (in case his musical career failed). Robbie Rivera owns his own record label and has appeared under various guises for most of the world's best house labels. However, his many artist names give him the opportunity to explore the house music spectrum: &'8220; Bang ” on Mulitply Records was a commercial bangin' anthem, “ Feel This ” on Strictly UK is a heavy tribal, bass-heavy production while his other efforts have been disco-house.

Official site: None as yet.

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