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American DJs Marc Pomeroy and Brian Tappert record as Soulsearcher and remix as Jazz-N-Groove (who publish through Jazz-N-Groove Productions). Marc is primarily responsible for the Soulsearcher project, as both releases have been written, produced and arranged by him. Brian, from New Jersey in the US, is an actual DJ while Marc has a sound engineering background. When they play a set, Brian spins on the decks and Marc utlises the gadgets which accompany them to the DJ box. Marc and Brian are the men behind Soulfuric Recordings, where along with S. Luca and John 'Julius' Knight, they are the Cleptomaniacs. Thea Austin is the female vocalist who features on both “ Can't Get Enough ” and “ Do It To Me Again ”.

In the past, Soulsearcher have been involved with several American labels and artists. “ Deliver Me ”, a popular vocal 12 ”, was their first venture into releasing singles when they assisted Micheal Procter in issuing the track. Jazz-N-Groove and Soulsearcher are the most well known of their pseudonyms. Urban Blues Project and Re-Vibe-Al are two other names they use.

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