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Welcome to
defected | respected, an unofficial website dedicated to the Defected record label in London, and its sister label, Fluential. Defected was launched on January 1st 1999 by Simon Dunmore, who parted company with AM:PM to start his own label. The music policy is funky house records twinghed with US garage, funk and latin vibes. Defected has been fortunate to have many great producers willing to remix its tracks, and the number of artists that the label boasts is growing with every release.

Official site: defected.co.uk

Big 2002 Update! | 13.01.02
The first update of 2002 is a big one! Check the huge releases section, which has had loads of additions made to it. There's still problems with the messageboard but everything else on the site runs OK. Plus, the official site has new mixes, upcoming releases and an a new online store!

New Releases | 12.09.01
I've had some problems with my PC, but I've added the new reviews. Thanks to Justin Leslie for completing the reviews. Good news elsewhere, as we've seen a rise in the general number of people coming to
defected | respected. Our hit counter (at the bottom of the page) has recorded that the number of hits per day has been creeping up slowly, which can only be good, especially since this site is such a specialist site. Also, more people have been contacting us about Defected things but quite a few times, we've been mistaken for the official site. I've started another site, which is dedicated to X-Press 2, the Problem Kids and Kidstuff: it's called Kidbuff and will soon be in as an excellent standard as defected | respected.

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