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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT1 ) »
Club Mix
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The simple female is looped, while a crisp, tight drum loop sits pleasantly in the background. D'Layna's almost conversational undersung one-liners are splayed over the groove, which consists heavily filtered yet funky pads. Soul Vision to choose to remove the drums and bass for bars before plunging back into the locked rhythm for the first minature breakdown. Later in the track, everything except the quietly spoken “Don't stop!” sample is taken away and after a slightly echoeing of the vocal, Sandy Rivera and Jose Burgos flip all the channels up once again so that the track kicks for the remaining minutes. Simply but effective, although this does get slightly infuriating after about five minatures.

King Unique Vocal
A warm piano piano loop rises to the top of the mix at the beginning of King Unique's mix. The slightly roboticised vocals of “Don't stop!” get looped while the classy percussion and pumping bass enter into earshot. King Unique then add spacey scratches to the track, which fills out with noise as the male vocal verses kick in. The juxtaposition of the heavy bass, piano keys and the added effects with the smooth male voice is superb. Then, everything gets removed, except for the cymbal, bass and electronic key channels, before the remixers then systematically re-attached all of the other elements to the groove. “ Don't Stop ” is an unarguably funky, driving piece of Defected genius.

King Unique Dub
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