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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT2 ) »

2001 Mix Click here to a sample of the 2001 Mix
An orchestral loop forms the body of “ Time Out For Love ” and a glockenspiel takes centre stage. The Cleptomaniacs take all the sounds down to the depts of blurriness and swirl them around behind the diva speech's. They then bring all the channels up to once again create a breakdown accompanied by slightly echoed and filtered vocals.

Prime Time Dub
? Review this for me!

DJ Phenix Remix
Stomping bass drops into the background as the heavily reverbed vocals take precident. Swirling light piano keys sit almost unheard in the distance, as filter-laden scratch samples are brought to the front of the mix, along with a filtered guitar riff. The breakdown occurs courtesy of a drum roll, with the vocals reaching a crescendo at the same point. However, it's a bit too boring for my liking because there appears to be a void between the bassline and the vocals which the disappointing effects do not make up for.

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