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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT4 ) »
Can We Really Do This? ( Original )
Plucked guitar strings, a piano loop, crunchy bass, a violin sample and several layers of percussion combine to produce “ Can We Really Do This? ”. A diva speech complete with crowd reaction is used over the top. The lyricist explains how she wished that she was with another man. The bridge gives listeners a break by added lighter flutes, stuttering violins and trumpets. An excellent début by Knee Deep.

Can We Really Do This? ( Pharmacy Dub )
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Your Love
Knee Deep have chosen to twist their piano to such an extent that it sounds like a cowbell! Slap bass fused with a hand clap is a staple channel on the track. Warm, electronic piano sits quietly looped in the foreground while the sympathetically sounding effect-filled piano keys are brought to the top of the mix. A guitar riff sneaks its way in to the mix and weave between the various piano parts. At the beginning of the breakdown, Knee Deep filter everything down and then slowly bring all the channels back up to full volume and clarity, adding an extra trumpet along with more sampled shouting.

The Limit
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