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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT5 ) »
Colours ( Original )
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Colours ( Attaboy Remix )
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Get Ready
Waves of shimmering warped noises appear at the beginning and end of this track. The crisp bassline and filtered guitar riff grow into a driving loop. Panned aeroplane sounds add to the body of a good track which contains minimalist vocals. Chunky bass is added bySecret Souls as are industrial drum samples and

Secret Strawberry
A tight drum loop and lots of alien noises are placed at the beginning of this track. Secret Souls then introduce a short and simple electro key loop followed by a overlaying offkey symapthetic piano melody. This groove continues for several minutes, before some swirling almost silent brass notes are moved around in the background. The piano loop gets squelched as the track is rebuilt after the breakdown.

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