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12” Vinyl ( DEFECT11 ) »
In Space ( Original )  Click here to listen to a sample of “In Space ( Original Mix ) ”
A simple piano chord and a stabbing bassline are the two basic components of this track. Fatty Acid uses the hollering 'In space' vocal to signify a breakdown, whereupon the lower channels are moved to the background. Spacey sounds accompany the warped vocal into the foreground and then there is a pause before all the frequencies are brought back into the mix. “ In Space ( Original Mix ) ” is moved along by the piano keys which move up and down the scale. I enjoyed this record tremendously as no-one can avoid dancing to it.

In Space ( C & M's Roll-In Space Mix )
C & M have decided to tweak both the bassline and piano loop very slightly for their remix. For their lengthier breakdown, they smother and consequently build the keys with snippets from the sliced up vocals. Altogether, C & M's “ In Space ” seems more a 'journey'.

Love To Dance ( Original )
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Love To Dance ( Blakkat Mix )
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Cover supplied by DJ Dusty.

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