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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT11 ) »
Crunchy kick drums pave the way for quirky wooden block samples. The drums are filtered out and are filtered back in alongside a deep four note bassline. Kidstuff use blanket effects to add an eerie atmosphere to the track and the male vocalist appears 1/4 into “ Alright ”, singing in an understressed style. Additional pads and samples are utilised leading up to the breakdown, wherein the beefy beats are reintroduced to lead the track towards its conclusion. “Alright” is a tightly produced disco-sampler which balances one line vocals with echoed effects and a deadly yet simple bassline.

Alright (Digital Dub)
This slightly slower dub powers up quickly, as Kidstuff bring both the drums and dark synthesizer bassline early. The underlying pulsating synthesizer note works its way up through the mix to become prominent to the crowd. Kidstuff loop the bassline throughout the entirerity of the track until the breakdown, where the heavily echoed and reverbed “I make everything all right” is swirled around at the top of the mix to give extra energy before the finish. A good track, but lacks the sparkle the vocal gives the original.

Love It
Lazy percussion starts this track, with a short electric guitar riff and a trumpet snatch surrounded with stomping bass and filtered popping sound, which lies at the back of the mix. An undersung ensemble sample becomes louder throughout every 8 bars before being cut and sent to the bottom of the mix again. Twisted “Love it” vocals are looped on top of the groove too, starting from the middle of the song. At the breakdown, the trumpet loop breaks into its full length, as does the vocal and the bass comes storming back in to add even more energy.

Alright (Acapella)
The male “I make everything all right” sample is looped and offset by a humming “Mmmmmm” vocal.

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