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12” Vinyl ( DFECT12 ) »

Change ( Original 12” ) Click here a sample of Change ( Original )
Filtered twangy guitars are presented by King Unique, as are live sounding percussion and hearty bass drums. Hand claps swing the track towards its first breakdown, and the guitar riff has all sorts of noise placed over it and then the vocal sample from Aquarian's “ Look Ahead ” is looped over the groove.“ Change ” is a good party song, especially since there many effects which get thrown into the mix, such as warped vibraphones samples. The vocal snatch gets a little infuriating, however.

Review by Ian Proctor.

Change ( Live Dub )
The original version of “ Change ” features tight, polished beats which contrast with the more raw, upfront beats used in this dub version. As a dub should do, the elements are given more space and are generally mangled to give a different interpretation of the track. The bassline and disco-y guitar are looped up, while the vocal is basically “These are changes.” repeated indefinitely. Not exactly super-exciting or interesting as a stand-alone track but might provide a good filler track in a tougher disco set.

Hell ( Funk Force Baked Mix )
King Unique are generally seen as great producers of deep, dark, twisted, dirty, tribal house and as an early effort into this area, this track is great. After a very short intro, a huge sub-bassline is thrown in which is then built upon with percussive loops, hypnotic and unintelligible satanic screams and weird space noises. A massive track that is perfect for head nodding in a dark basement, with a bassline from Hell.

Reviews by Justin Leslie.

Cover supplied by DJ Dusty.

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