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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT12 ) »
Knee Deep Club Mix
Knee Deep opt for a tight drum loop. The warm synthesiser bassline creep into the mix. The quiet, undersung vocals are then laid across the groove. Knee Deep add a twangy guitar to give extra depth to the track, as does a bubbling complimentary synthesiser chord. Knee Deep swish noises around in the background, too. The breakdown witnesses the removal of the bass, bassline and chords, which are systematically re-attached to the groove.

Knee Deep Classic Mix
This is the mix I prefer. Plodding kick drums and a pleasant percussion loop are used to establish the track. Knee Deep loop a heavily filtered snatch of the vocal, which is swung around in the foreground while a deadly bassline builds in the background, accompanied by a flanged organ notes. This mix is the quieter one, as the warm synthesiser keys provide a grounding for the mellow vocals. Some glockenspiel samples are used every second bar. They are barely noticible but when nuzzled up to the organ chords, they sound excellent. Knee Deep filter everything down at the breakdown, releasing it from their effects unit when they feel it is necessary to set the classy mix back on its intended route.

Mojolators Vocal Mix
The Mojolators select tough kick drums and crisp percussion. A simple keyboard chord provides a bed for a tasty bassline on which the vocals sit comfortably. Oriental-influenced stabs enter the fray at the end of each verse. All in all, the Mojolators Vocal Mix is tougher mix which fuses elements from four to the floor UK garage and house.

Mojolators Delayed Dub
Heavyweight beats drive this dub forwards, although the funkiness is provided by a dark bassline. The Mojolators fill the mix with a mixture of various noises which together create a pleasant journey. In conclusion, this is a crunchy dub filled with a variety of head-nodding samples. However, without the vocal, the track suffers slightly.

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