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12” Vinyl ( FLUEN14 ) »
Tight, crispy beats are the framework for “ Evolution ”. Soon after the start, a repetitive filtered, time-stretched note, situated on the first beat, is brought up and taken down. At the first breakdown, a simple bubbling bassline is slotted in under the track. The major breakdown consists of a filtering up of the sound until only the highest frequencies can be heard, whereupon the groove comes crashing back, along with a deep, one word “Evolution” spoken sample. The kick drums, bassline and warped synthesiser sound fade away andl the percussion is left to end the song.

Release It
Skippy, UK garage-style beats are soon joined by a conga drum sample and a conservative yet funky bassline. The kick drums are removed to signify the introduction of bubbling synthesiser keys underneath a simpler two-note synthesised trumpet harmony. The Mojolators remove everything and leave some high-pass filtered slaps playing before re-starting the funky basics of the track. Occassional spoken “Release it” vocals are placed within the mix. Taking a similar approach to “ Evolution ”, “ Release It ” is not as dramatic and more of a head-down dancing groove.

The Chant
“ The Chant ” begins with crunchy, complex drum programming. The Mojolators slowly fade in a flute sample and extra percussion. These are beefed up with an almost unnoticed bassline and a constantly held human note and lethargic organ keys. The bottom of the mix falls out and the Mojolatorsn rebuilt the track downwards, with the flute taking centre stage. I really enjoyed this track because it has the staple Mojolators frame of crispy but tough drums and funky lower frequencies along with a catchy, and unusual, flute solo.

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