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Released: 18.09.01 Highest Chart Position: Non Chart Qualifier

12” Vinyl ( FLUEN19F ) »
Industrial-sounding drum programming and crunchy kick drums pave the way for a filtered disco sample and throbbing bass sounds. The quickly looped sample funks its way through the track with extra sound effects being used to build the mix, including wind sounds and the swirly warping sound from MAW's “ The Ha Dance ”. Kidstuff create the major breakdown 2/3 into the song, where they remove the bass drums and disco sounds, leaving a distorted guitar sound and a cymbal crash audible. Slowly, they fade in all the other parts to the tracks and “ Jetfunk ” storms towards a satisfying end.

This flip side effort begins with a framework of bird chips and yet more undescribable touches. A funky, modern bassline kicks in, and soon thereafter, punchy drums. As the track dives down into the bridge section, the beginning of the key loop is repeated while the top-most drums are taken away, to be replaced with filtered, electro-washed tribal drums and cowbells. These extra drums remain as Kidstuff reinstate the crispy drum programming, bubbly bassline and tougher kick drums. Nothing spectacular, I believe, but it has a typical the Kidstuff drive, along with their trademark effects and strangely-located noises to beef up a great groove.

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