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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT21 ) »
Amman Retouched Dub
Clicky percussion swarms the start of this track and the bass is swathed in menacing hand claps. A three-note bongo sample is added when the bass drums arrive and kickstart in a multi-layered, dark frenzy. Wally Lopez drops the whole track out with an echo, before restarting the groove again with pads and panned effect added to the crunchy “ Amman Retouched Dub ”. Wally Lopez deconstructs the song at the breakdown, before bringing up almost every channel from silence to reach a powerful conclusion. Despite a lack of activity, this track rumbles along in a dirty fashion which is hard to resist.

In the same vein as the title track, “ Sharks ” has a tribal-esque groove, but this time it has a carnival edge. Moody Rhodes keys pulsate in the background, with Latin flavours (timbales, maracas, whistles) imersed in the atmosphere. The earliest breakdown is the biggest, with Wally Lopez creating a powerful crescendo with a ? sample, before a twisted, spiteful “Sharks!” sample sparks fury on the dancefloor.

A faster, vocal-less groove with locked percussion and pounding kick drums. Wally Lopez layers drums upon drums and sprinkles saxophone samples over occassionally to give slight relief. About 1/4 into the track, Wally Lopez attaches a saw-like hollow drum to every second kick drum, taking the whole thing deeper into evil territory. At the breakdown, a helicopter sample is thrown across the room before the kick drums come back with enormous effect. The chopper blade sample is used hereon in and provides additional material to groove to.

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