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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT22F ) »
No Problem (Dub Mix)
These Polish producers instantly draw the crowd into a solid concoction of Latin drums and stomping kick drums. A funky undercurrent of bass keys prop the track up from below, while the strong tin drums do a freestyle thing over the top. The acidic alarm is pulled into view, being left to loop for a long time while WaWa create heaps of expectation by added increasing amounts of funk and drums. Eventually, everything returns to normal while the alarm fades away. Olav Basoski-style percussion heightens this instrumental. Haunting water-flowing sound filter through the track during the second half.

Atmospheric drums and maracas play off against one another as the kick drums enter the fray. Dark and doomy from the beginning, “ K ” is a well-arranged production, with the highlight being muffled, shimmering keys dropped over a tight bottom end. A ridiculously simple groove which will trap clubbers on the floor, this is unmissable.

No Problem (Piano Mix)
The first half is virtually the same as the Dub Mix, but WaWa add an extra Spen & Karizma-inspired Latin piano chord which shouldn't work, but does. Crowd cheers and murmurs are shifted into the limelight during the breakdowns. This groovy workout is a lighter alternate to the title track of the E.P. but is still underpinned by the same tribal drums.

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