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12” Vinyl ( DFECT32 ) »
A tight drum loops opens “ Voices ”, closely followed by a tribal drum break. Phenix adds some pulsating pads and a prominent quirky scratch-type effects. The vocal snippets are almost spoken litanies and then are sprinkled over the groove. Phenix builds and drops this track for the breakdowns. A typical Phenix production, “ Voices ” is a dubby, driving tribal track which ebbs and flows with a whole manner of effects to fill the gaps.

Voices Acapella
This DJ tool is the spoken lines which appear on the main mix. The French female voices is almost a whisper and in being so, is quite haunting, especially since Phenix has echoed the acapella. He has faken some of the breathier samples and beefed up the background noise to add atmosphere.

Vinyl & Polyester Vocal
Phenix opts for chunky bass and hand claps in the foreground while a complex keys at the back of the mix get distorted. For the first sixteen bars, he filters the bass but then he drops it to the bottom of the mix, while the male, “Sexy mumma” vocal sample is brought in for a short time before being removed. The breakdown occurs as Phenix effects are skimmed along in the background as the filtered bass pumps its way back into clarity, and the warm pads are snatched back so that the strange water emulation that they have is eliminated until after the breakdown. The vocal is quite soulful, although underproduced, and it seems quite removed from the groove underneath.

Vinyl & Polyester Dub
Virtually identifcal to the vocal mix, this is the original track which does not feature a vocal.

Not Ready Fa Dis
Hard US beats accompany some growling, droning guitar strums. Phenix plays around the kick drums, occassionally filtering them for a bar, sometimes for one beat. A flanged disco-flavoured chord is then brought in, and is then left to bubble away in the background, while still being abused by Phenix's tools. A short title vocal snatch is filtered as a prelude to a phase where the beat structure changes to a 2 step garage groove. Then a breakdown occurs and the regular 4/4 beat continues until the end of the track. Admitedly, “ Not Ready Fa Dis ” is relevant because the track is so odd and unpredictable. It is likely that Phenix added the effects 'live'.

Vinyl & Polyester Acapella
This a compilation of the different stages of vocal as they appear in the vocal mix, with the pauses too. Both the introductory “Sexy mumma” telephonised sample and the chorus are included.

“ Salsyn ” is a slower Phenix track, but with live sounding tribal drums samples and a melancholic synthesised key stabs. The pads kick in at the first breakdown, shortly followed by quiet hi-hats. Another simple synthesiser chord kicks in to give a little more body to the track.

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