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Released: ??.11.01 Highest Chart Position: ?

12” Vinyl ( DFECT38 ) »
Original Mix

Deep Tech Version

Ibizarre Remix

12” Vinyl Remixes ( DFECT38X ) »
Extended Version
Clocking in at 118 B.P.M., this track is far too slow for a club situation and is probably more suited to a lounge or bar set. However, the lack of pace is no judgement on the quality as a smooth synthesiser and bassline work to give a soothing, relaxing vibe. A cool piano solo is introduced but is then cut out again to leave just the bass and beats to work under the sultry vocals. A touching song of love for those feeling down that uplifts and builds the piano and synthesiser up nicely. The production is subtle yet perfect and works to give a beautiful track. Like all good songs it's definitely a grower and will take a few listens to understand, but it's just pure smoothness.

Knee Deep Original Vibe
The German soulful production and remix aces start off with standard beats, slightly menacing piano riff, a version of the original bassline and little bits of the chorus which are broken down to reveal the main vocal which work around the bass and beats while the piano builds in the background. While all of the original elements aren't used, the arrangement is very similar to the Extended Version and so with such good source material, this mix can't fail to be good, although the original is still better.

Tom Middleton's Cosmos Acapella
The Jedi Manís acapella version uses the main vocal with a few swirling effects in the background. The vocal gets a bit of echo and distortion while the main “Do it now” phrase is repeated for the second half of this version with a bit more echo work. Not amazing, but in the right hands will surely produce some interesting results. Specialist stuff.

Tom Middleton's Cosmos Vocal
Beginning with a few swirling effects, tiny beats work under the vocal, which is brought in very early. A bassline is faded up which is then accompanied by some funny ringing noises and then Ďproperí beats are introduced. Echoes, distortions and bits of the vocal fly about the place. Techy synth lines work with the piano line as “Do it now” is looped up with the noises of the beginning. Ultimately, I found this version a bit disappointing as the smoothness of the original is lost and thereís nothing that really grabs you or keeps the attention. Could have been better.

The vocals in full without anything really fancy. Iím not sure why we needed 2 acapellas, but Iím sure someone will find this useful instead of the Tom Middleton version.

Knee Deep Club Mix
Of all the mixes this is my favourite as itís dancefloor friendly, super smooth and works a treat. The intro uses standard Defected beats and a weird wiggly noise, which carries on in the background throughout the track. A slightly menacing noise grows from the background which morphs into a slick horn arrangement with a groovy bassline. The vocal comes in as do subtle keys and everything fuses together to give a very musical and slightly soulful Latin feel. Nice.

Tom Middleton's Cosmos Deep Dub
This begins with the tiny beats and effects of the Cosmos Vocal, which is built up with those ringing noises to the main beats. Clipped synth noises go to work and the phrase “Do it now” is echoed about the place, while a dubbier version of the bassline underpins everything. Further synth stabs are introduced and overall this is a bit better than the vocal version as everything gets played with a lot more. I really think making such a soulful track into this more tech-house style is a bad idea as the thing that makes the original so special is lost.

Reviews by Justin Leslie.

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