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Released: ??.11.01 Highest Chart Position: ?

12” Vinyl ( DFECT40 ) »
Clepto's Classic Vocal Mix
Eminence is another pseudonym for the Cleptomanics and as the title of the mix suggests this is a classic disco affair with live strings, bass, horn, percussion and piano. The usual beats are here and the catchy baseline slowly rises up with the (almost sexual) moans of Kathy Brown. The strings are bought in and so is the piano while the simple, catchy vocal works in the foreground. The name ‘Paradise Garage’ comes to mind and if Larry was still with us, I’m sure he’d play this loads. Full of the energy of when disco was the best underground dance music around and before the whole ‘Disco Sucks’ thing, this is uplifting and accessible in equal measure.

The main vocal includes a bit of spoken word and erotic (!) moaning from Kathy Brown which are both showcased in this mix. Useful for those times when you want to add some sex to your set. The high mark is for the cheekiness of it!

Jon Cutler Vocal
Jon Cutler is one of the leading producers of deep, sophisticated and generally ‘cool’ house as highlighted by his numerous remixes for Chez, Naked Music and Distant Music and his own productions, most recently the super-hip “ It’s Yours ” featuring E-Man. This mix is equally good as the original bassline is smoothed off and delicate keys work subtlely in the background. More restrained and less epic than the original, simplicity is the key, which gives full focus to the vocal, which really excels. A funky guitar is introduced to fill any gaps and to give another classy dimension, which works really well. Overall this remix is just a simplified, smoother version of the original but works really well.

Sebastien Leger Dub
Frenchman Sebastian Leger is from the same school of tough disco as Junior Sanchez and DJ Sneak so his productions can be a bit crazy. This begins with tough, driving beats, dubbed percussion and small snippets of the vocal being looped to the max. But before you think it gets to dark and repetitive a cool synth/piano line is brought in and filtered in out of the mix. The production is good quality and the whole thing is super-repetitive which is either a good or bad thing depending on your mood/crowd/taste.

Sebastien Leger Remix
Slower and less tough than the dub version, this uses the full vocal under some quite airy synth lines. The vocal is played about with a bit as the synths continue to grow in the background. But then, quite unexpectedly, a live acoustic guitar is brought in which is then underpinned by a super-funky bassline. The vocal chorus weaves in between the bassline while that guitar keeps on working. I didn’t really know what to expect from this version but I was surprised by the results. Better than I expected.

Jon Cutler Dub
Jon Cutler dubs are generally like those by Full Intention as there is not much difference between the vocal and dub versions. The bassline remains which seems to make up the entire mix. A few moans are used but nothing special happens, until the funky guitar is introduced and is given more freedom to work with the bass. However, I’d only play this version if I was going to lead into the vocal or do some acapella work. Useful rather than startling.

Clepto's Orgasmic Dub
A dub from the Cleptomaniacs is usually just a re-edit of the full vocal version, an idea proven by this mix. The bassline and piano is here but in a more clipped style. The moans are here as is the spoken word. The strings are looped up with all the other elements, so what we are left with is just a more repetitive version of the Vocal mix. The other problem is that because the moans are left in there isn’t enough space for any acapella work. How annoying!

Clepto's Classic Reprise
There’s nothing like a reprise to begin (or end) a set! The strings and piano work behind the full vocal while little hand-claps are introduced. This continues until the come-in, where all the original elements are present from the Vocal Mix. A good DJ tool.

While the moan-a-pella had just moaning and speech, this has the vocal in full with no real tweaks. Another DJ tool.

Reviews by Justin Leslie.

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