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Released: 19.11.01 Highest Chart Position: ?

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Harry Choo Choo Romero Club Mix
A speedy mix begins with tight drums and filtered timbales. Tougher hand claps eclipse the kick drums as keys rise up through the mix. Harry Romero bottoms out the mix to leave the familiar loop to be filtered up along with N'Dea Davenport's vocals. The basics of this interpretation are toughened beats and tweaks to the vocal with soaring pads, while the the synthesiser vibe is left virtually untouched. Not entirely different from the Original, but a good mix all the same.

Chocolate Puma Club Mix
Chocolate Puma opt for a slowly building percussive introduction, with crashing beats and wooden block snare rolls. The vocal slides in unsuspectingly, alongside simple synthesiser notes. N'Dea Davenport's vocals have been pitched down slightly and additional electro harp keys to take the crowd to the next level in the second half of this track. A more European stance to this US hit.

Tight, clean beats are intially accompanied by a filtered muted sound and a tribal drum 'answer' to that sound. Hi-hats join them soon after, as does a set of echoed industrial acid pads. A little of the vocal is used. Harry Romero chooses select slices to occassionally drop on the groove, after they've been echoed and resonated. The soaring, aeroplane type effects dip and rise to signal the re-appearance of the drums. My opinion is that HCCR's Dub is a little too boring as there is not enough variation around the main percussion and the vocal is decidely unsoulful.

Chocolate Puma Dub
Chocked full of Latin percussion, this dub is more enticing than Harry Romero's effort. Strong kick drums are present once again. A restricted version of the main disco loop sneaks into the mix and is looped up and down through the mix. Extra tin drum rolls replace the verses and chorus. Chocolate Puma push pulsating alarm type keys up behind the main riff. Slightly vocoded vocals are used in the middle portion of this Chocolate Puma Dub, but the Dutch duo have used only the chorus. Progressive-styled electro sound pop up to enhance the vocal to drive the track forward. A useful remix that tips slightly into the European trance arena.

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