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Disc One »
1. Champs Elysées
This track begins with the sounds of a pre-performance theatre: there is the sound of an orchestra tuning up, people chatting and moving about. As the audience is heard applauding, the first strings of the violin are introduced. Bob Sinclar slides in some tough solid bassline and percussion. The main hook is compiled of an soft electric guitar and a string quartet melody. Pleasant extra layers come in the form of cymbals and a glockenspiel. “ Champs Elysées Theme ” is a well produced naturally sounding orchestral track.

2. I Feel For You
Sharp vocals have been wrapped around an orchestral loop which features a whole string section. Added into this production is a snappy bass and percussion, along with a 'gloomy' piano sample at the close of the track.

3. You Are Beautiful
As the organ keys rise from the depths, live-sounding drums, timbales, jingle bells, flutes and piano keys are added as well as the harmonious female voices. Much more of a chill out track, Bob Sinclar surpasses himself with a melodic, lazy simple journey. No breakdowns, no speed changes, no bass, but all class despite its short length (2:05).

4. Striptease
“ Striptease ” opens with a drum kit solo. It finishes and the bass starts. Metallic noises, crackling (like a vinyl) enter earshot and a sullen three key piano loop is added. After a short while, a swirling 303 heralds the arrival of some oxymoronic techno electronic beats. Everything is stripped away while the techno beeps drive forward, complimented by lighter, shorter electronic noises. “ Striptease ” shows the darker side of Bob Sinclar.

5. Got To Be Free
Probably my most favourite track on the album. It features James 'D-Train' Williams and some offbeat piano key and a distorted train whistle. Suddenly, the song breaks into wurlitzer loop and James appears to sing freestyle over Bob Sinclar's sweeping melodies and bass and electric guitar riffs. James Williams' vocals fit superbly into Bob Sinclar's guitar-led groove. Works at home and in the club!

6. Life
Employing a female ensemble, Bob Sinclar moves into a lower gear with a slower paced track. A violin solo sits on hollow percussion and heavily twisted and distorted twangy guitar synth. Understressing her words, the female vocalist whispers the verses to the song with a male voice shadowing her in the background.

7. Save Our Souls
While the applaud from an audience dies away, a male speaker ackwardly announces the theme of the track: the importance of children. A two-key loop lies dormant for the whole track. Growling bass and a prominent percussion pave a path for a dark, dubby piano combination.

8. Phasing News
“ Phasing News ” has a mellow vibe generated by some warm (almost 70s!) organ keys. Heartbeat-like bass roots itself at the back of the mix. Bob selects to bring up and pan the cymbal-dominating percussion around the speaker while another organist plays on top of the first. Even the introduction of yet another guitar (this time it is a sparse squeaky electric guitar) fails to shift the track's laid back approach. This is an interesting track which would be perfect for a 'cooling off' period in a set.

8. Ich Rocke
The most upbeat track of the Champs Elysées album, “ Ich Rocke ” features what can only be described as a grunt which quickly explodes into a cascading synthesiser loop. The huge bass is removed while Bob plays around with the equalisers in order to make the sound squelchy before signalling the first breakdown. An uncredited German vocalist, who says “Ich rocke in der Disco, rock in der Disco.”, gets up by Bob who crafts the snippets of speech around the groove. “ Ich Rocke ” rising and dips and plods along and should do well on the dancefloor. Perhaps this may be too commercial, although it does fit with the other tracks on the album. This track ends in a bizarre way: we hear a European wake from a dream and proceed to tell his friends that he was astounded to have a dream!

9. Freedom
Two women talk about Bob Sinclar while in a nightclub and as they chuckle, a drum loop and tight piano sample are slotted into place, as is a guitar, some trumpets, a synthesised key and Gene Van Burne's superb crisp vocals. As a whole, all the sounds work together is an uplifting track which is topped off by Van Buren's talent. Easily one of the best tracks on the album.

10. Darlin'
A call of “Party------!” by James Williams and hand claps ease listeners into this, the 'lovers' song' on the album. Not for the first time violins and a plucked twangy bass guitar (which has a solo) meet on a Bob Sinclar track. However, it is too slow for me but for those who enjoy easy listening CDs will probably like this more. A little dirtier than the K Warren Vocal, this is my prefered UK garage version.

11. My Only Love
“ Champs Elysées ”'s bonus track, “ My Only Love ” is one of Bob's old tracks which fits into their album quite well. Pounding bass, squealing beeps and a guitar riff provide a bass for the uncredited male vocalist, who performs adequately.

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