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Defected Records Winamp Skin
Coming soon. It will available as a specially compressed download which, when opened, automatically installs itself into your Winamp skin directory. Remember, this is exclusive to
defected | respected.

Space Invaders Game
This is a freeware program which features three classic games, a space invaders clone, a pacman tribute and an asteroids replica. All three games have blocky graphics and terrible sound, so the programmers have tried hard to recreate the 1980's games. It's a small download and an equally tiny install. Recommended!

Download the zip file

Defected Icon Set (Windows 95+)
A set of Defected icons for use with Windows 95 and above. The zip file, which is exclusive to
defected | respected, includes a text file with instructions on how to install the icons.

» A Defected cover with a dark blue corner. { defected-cd-blue.ico }
» Famililar CD cover with a black corner. { defected-cd-black.ico }
» Purple cornered CD cover. { defected-cd-purple.ico }
» Black and white Defected logo. { defected-logo.ico }
» Yellow CD cover of “ Bad Habit ”. { defected-bh-1.ico }
» “ Bad Habit ”'s red CD cover. { defected-bh-2.ico }
» A text file with step-by-step instructions. { defected-help.txt }

Download the zip file

“ Get Get Down ” Ringtone
Three text files with instructions on which notes are required to be used to create a “ Get Get Down ” ringtone. Formats covered by the text files are RTTL Nokia/LogoManager, Composer and Keypress.

Download the zip file

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