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Feel free to use the following form to mail us. We guarantee that everyone who contacts us will get a reply.

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defected | respected Staff

DJ Name: DJ Hot Top
Real Name: Ian Proctor
Age: 18
Profession: Student
DJ Career: A bedroom DJ with two live performance.
Gear: Numark 1510's and a Numark DM1001x mixer.
Defected Fan: 10 months
AOL AIM: zblizzard0
ICQ: 121620679
Comments: I'm going to Sheffield University, so if you are around Sheffield and wanna chat, just e-mail me and we could meet.
DJ Name: Rightanglez
Real Name: Ben May
Age: 25
Profession: Technical Supervisor.
DJ Career: Bedroom DJ.
Gear: Traxdata CD writer, a Sony MD recorder, a Pioneer RMX-9 (twin CD, effects unit, tuner/amp), 2 great big old speakers and a trusty Technics belt drive turntable.
Defected Fan: Long time.
ICQ: 120463620
Comments: Make us a coffee, please.
DJ Name: N/A
Real Name: Justin Leslie
Age: 15
Profession: Student.
DJ Career: Bedroom DJ, with some forthcoming performances.
Gear: Two Numark Pro TT-2, Pioneer DJM-300, Korg Kaos effects pad.
Defected Fan: Over a year.
ICQ: 129483415
Comments: You can never have enough records. Or beer.

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