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defected | respected has a selection of exclusive Defected mixes from a range of DJ dedicated to the label.

If you would like your Defected mix hosted on  defected | respected? Click this link to mail me.

“Defected In The Extreme” [By DJ Dusty; August 2001]
This is DJ Dusty's début mix. His CD mixing is tight and unwaivering and he carefully blends classics and less well known tracks into an uplifting, predominately vocal set. The quality of the sound recording is excellent as well. Click the Realplayer icon to the right to listen --->

Track Number Artist Track Name [Mix]
1 PJ “ Happy Days ” [95 North Vocal]
2 Eddie Amador “ Rise ” [New York Preacher Mix]
3 King Unique “ Love Is What You Need (Look Ahead) ” [King Unique Club Mix]
4 Phunkie Souls “ Tha Music ” [Funk Force Blunted Mix]
5 ATFC Presents OnePhatDeeva Featuring Lisa Millett “ In And Out Of My Life ” [Original Mix]
6 Paul Johnson “ Get Get Down ” [XXX Remix]
7 Capriccio “ Everybody Get Up ” [Capriccio Club Edit]
8 G Club Presents Banda Sonora “ Guitarra G ” [G Club Original Mix]
9 Phunkie Souls “ Tha Music ” [Richard F. “Defected” Re-Edit]
10 Choo Choo Project “ Hazin' + Phazin' ” [Vocal]
11 Junior Jack “ MyFeeling ” [Original Kick 'N' Deep Mix]

“The Darkfloor” [By DJ Hot Top; August 2001]
This mix takes a darker, dubbier route. The mixing is average, with a few minor errors. Unfortunately, the quality is not particularly good due to the way that I transferred it to my PC. Nevertheless, a short mix which is twists and turns through sparse vocals and dubs. Click on the Realplayer icon to the right to listen -->

Track Number Artist Track Name [Mix]
1 Bob Sinclar “ Champs Elysées ”
2 DJ Phenix “ Voices ”
3 Knee Deep “ I'll Be There For You ” [Mojolators Vocal Mix]
4 Warren Clarke Featuring Kathy Brown “ Over You ” [CF's Mainframe Dub]
5 Roger Sanchez “ Another Chance ” [S-Man's Dark Nite Mix]
6 Cleptomaniacs Featuring Bryan Chambers “ All I Do ” [Original Mix]
7 G-Club Presents Banda Sonora “ Guitarra G ” [Warren Clarke Beats]
8 Smokin' Jo “ Yanu ”
  DJ Phenix “ Vinyl & Polyester ” [Acapella]

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