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Defected Records began operation on the 1st January 1999 under the watchful eye of Label Manager and A&R Director Simon Dunmore. Simon used to work for the AM:PM label, but left to fulfil his vision for a dedicated US influenced UK house outfit. Simon Dunmore holds a residency in Lausaunne, Switzerland at the D.Club.

The label's advertised correspondance address is:

Defected Records
PO Box 2862

However, the label's official address, as listed at Companies House, is:

Defected Records
14/15 D'Arblay Street

Telephone: 020 1 439 9995. Fax: 020 1 439 4545.

Simon has enrolled a number of staff to help him run the business.
» Jake Vangrove is the Defected tour manager and is responsible for all aspects of this year's tour.
» Janet Bell, as well as being involved in the original establishment of the label, has to promote the Defected company.
» John Reed deals with business affairs for the label.
» The Office Manager is Chantal Murrell.

» Guy Williams is the Club Promotions Manager and an up-and-coming DJ assigned to Defected.
» The role of Product Manager has been taken by Richard Boardman.
» Leigh Morgan is a DJ and a Label Assistant.
» Yasmin Webb is responsible for Defected sponsorship.

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