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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT10 ) »
“ Yanu ” begins with several tribal drum loops all sewn together. Tough kick drums are then added, before a more distinctive congo drum break is placed at the front of the mix. Ghostly, echoed male whispers signify where the energy later is taken upwards by an additional tin drum and a deep bassline. Smokin' Jo places the finishing touches with some low frequency synthesiser pads and bubbling synthesiser keys which are slotted between the other elements in the mix.

Yanu (Acapella)
This is the sound effects from the original. It features the spoken word of a hauntingly distorted male.

Feel The Rhythm
Tough beats are accompanied by a prominent percussion loop, a secondary drum loop and hand claps, thus creating a complex treble end to this track. Distorted violin notes arrive after live conga beats. Smokin' Jo cuts and pastes male vocals over a conservative guitar lick and a deep synthesiser bassline, which is buried deep in the mix. “Just feel the rhythm of the house” is echoed over the groove. In the middle of the track, a short, funky synthesised trumpet chord works its way to the top of the mix and then back down. “ Feel The Rhythm” is a energetic track which is full to the brim with various noises, which are deconstructed during the last phases in order to provide an 'outro' for DJs to mix.

Yanu (Beats)
This stripped track is the skeletal beats of the original “ Yanu ”, so there are large numbers of drum loops connected to one another. The arrangement is slightly different, but all the drums used in the original are included in one form or another.

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