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12” Vinyl ( FLUENT?? ) »
This begins with tough beats and live conga sample mixed with a carnival-type whistle sound. Another layer of percussion is added progressively and the bass is increased little. Eventually, a snippet of an insanely catchy piano is worked into the mix. This creates a great multi-layered feel until the breakdown arrives and the piano is allowed to spread into an even more catchy riff. During the breakdown, live Spanish female vocal is added which further increases the carnival feel. After the come-in, all the layers are present and the result is a great summer track that never loses any dancebility.

Tough beats, tight percussion and a cut-up vocal snippet begin the track whilst a deep male voice says “Free”. A growling bassline is added and halfway through a swirly synthesiser line comes through. These elements are broken down to just the synthesise, the spaced out male voice and some background drums. The rest of the track is as before and while the whole affair is well produced and tight, there is nothing really inspiring or special about it.

Reviews by Justin Leslie.

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