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12” Vinyl ( DFECT33 ) »
Lightz ( G'Out Dub )
This dub starts out with the typical driving muted piano chords, coupled with some crisp cymbal samples. Mr G lets the piano float in the background, before bringing it up to the top of the mix and cutting the percussion somewhat. Extra bass kicks in and the cycle starts again, with the piano moving in and out of clarity. Strained violin are carried into earshot. An excellent track of this EP, because the way that the piano sounds ghostly hypnotizes people on the dancefloor.

All U Need
A tight drum loop and an eerie background drone begin this track. Dull, low keys are slowly brought to the top of the mix, as it a rapid hi-hat sample. Brass stabs accompany the keys and as they get to the pinnacle of their loudness, Colin McBean starts them at the bottom of the mix again for the next 16 bars. The second time the sounds erupt, they are followed by a pitched vocal sample speaking the words, “All you need”. As the trumpets die down and are then abused by Colin McBean throwing the filters around, a “That's where they control” vocal takes presidence. Towards the end of the track, both vocals are combined as the brass and deep synthesiser notes are audible as well.

Tough bass drums and a drum break are the staple of this Mr G outing. Eccentric, haunting notes are placed under the additional drum to create atmosphere. Creepy synthesiser samples which growl are bolted to the groove too. The darkest track on the EP is then treated to a echoed spoken female sample which, having been filtered to sound like a telephone line, says “Pepsi 'n' Coke”, with the emphasis on the first of the two named beverage. Slipped at the tailend of the track is a male “Oh....” vocal snippet. All of the sudden, the bass kicks in again without the listener realising that it had been removed! Therefore, “ Pepsi ” is a hynoptic, chilling experience.

Driving bass is present at the beginning of the track. Mr G has layered some tight drum programming over the bass, along with some dark, moody 303 notes. Electronic beeps move into the mix, changing notes infrequently.
2/3 of the way into the song, the bass and drums are removed, allowing the electric samples to shine. Mr G doesn't let the track get euphoric, because he reinserts the statutary bass after 16 bars as well as a hint of percussion.

Lightz (2001 Lunar Mix)
Mr G starts this cut with chunky bass, a quiet yet distorted drum loop and warped piano keys which get progressive louder. The keys then fall through the bottom of the mix as the simmering dark piano movement bubbles up. Adding another dimension to the bass, along with hand claps, Mr G strains the piano to its maximum before resetting the whole channel and allowing it to built up once again amid a torrent of filters and equalisers. The keys are reattached to the groove to make this remix a fuller package. Not particularly distance from the Lightz dub, although it is not as dark.

What, Eh, Pardon?!
Funk-fuelled disco keys lay in the background while Mr G drops heavy duty beats and drum loops into the mix. He swirls a electro sample around and filters it several times throughout the entire track. The bass stops while an indecipherable male vocal snippet is threaded onto the groove and the bass kicks in again.

Cover supplied by DJ Dusty.

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