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12” Vinyl ( DFECT?? ) »
Full Intention Original Vibe
AWA Band is a ten-piece group, which uses an assortment of live percussion, horns, vocals and guitars to get across a genuine summer latin feel. All that and the entire track is produced by Full Intention! This mix has that live feel with great conga led beats, catchy horns and a sing-a-long Spanish chorus that is pinned down by a smooth bassline that caries everything along nicely. As with all Full Intention productions this has a dense feel to it while the arrangement works beautifully. Perhaps a little late in the year to release a summer-style record like this but when it’s as tasty as this, who cares?

Full Intention Chant Dub
The beats here have been lifted straight from ‘Horny Hustle’ by The Twisted Pair which itself was a great saxophone-sampling tune. A nice bassline loops in the background while little snippets of the main chorus are introduced over some effective conga percussion. The chorus eventually spreads out a bit while the percussion becomes more intricate and hectic. While not as good as the original this is a useful mix that would find favour with those who aren’t keen on the full vocal and the more smiley, summery production that the original offers.

Full Intention Club Mix
With tighter beats and the main guitar being distorted this mix is the alternative to the original as it uses almost exactly the same parts but the arrangement is slightly different. The baseline is there, so are the congas, the full vocal, (which been tampered with a little bit) and the main guitar line. With a more mixable intro and the slight tweaks most DJs would probably choose this version and it equals the overall friendliness of the original while being that bit more suitable for the dance-floor.

Full Intention Dub
I usually find with Full Intention dubs that it’s just the club mix that been altered slightly to fill disc space and the same can be said here with the main guitar and bassline just being distorted and looped while the ‘da, da, da…’ part of the vocal is gradually brought up and down in the mix. Not as good as the original but a solid and potentially useful track none the less.

Reviews by Justin Leslie.

Cover supplied by DJ Dusty.

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