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Awa Band
Awa Band is a pseudonym of Full Intention, the well known British remixers and producers. Mike Gray and Jon Pearn hail from Croydon and they have many similarities with their transatlantic friends Marc Pomeroy and Brian Tappert (Soulsearcher). One of those similarities is that during their performances, one member DJs (Mike) and the other adds live sounds to the set (Jon). Another similarity is that they own a label. In Full Intention's case this label is D:Tension, which was started in 1999 and is distributed by Strictly Rhythm.

Full Intention have been around for several years and have remixed to high acclaim. Their first breakthrough was in 1995 with “ I Love America ” and since then their success has snowballed due more to their remixes rather than their releases. A & R men have called upon their magic on a large number of occassions, although “ Who Keeps Changing Your Mind? ” by South St. Player (Cream) and “ Stop Playing With My Mind ” by Barbara Tucker on Positiva were some of the latest releases featuring a interpretation by the duo. Full Intention were also responsible for the regular version of “ DefCom ”.

Official site: fullintention.co.uk.

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